Spec C -Evolving From Great To Greater

Have you ever been the one who had your eye on a particular special car for a while and knew its true potential and then when the chance arose quickly jumped at it to seal the deal? Well that was same case with Salman, who eyed this car for a good 3 years when he used to roll in a pretty quick Hybrid HONDA 🙂

Ok enough Honda or else the Scooby boys will start making Chinese eyes 😛 Moving on, as I was saying during the time when Salman was eyeing this Impreza STI Spec C  which was  neglected by its owner at the time did he realize its true potential.
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DoubleUREX + STi V7


So we got some time to check out Huzni’s WRX STi Ver 7 & Ashard‘s WRX ver 8 from the outside and a bit of the interior. IMG_5106First up was Ashard‘s WRX ver 8

IMG_5113Have always a big fan of this face! And No I like all the other faces of the wrx’s but this is what smacks me on the face 🙂
IMG_5133Then its Huzni’s WRX STi Ver 7. Blue on Blue combo… many never knew it would look good! Once it was done, you could have heard a lot of “Wow’s”.
Its complimented with a carbon hoodIMG_5136They look amazing don’t they?

– Ramien

The Pistontorque 2nd Year Meet Up – Turning Heads Wherever We Went That Day!


A few years ago i remember seeing the ever so famous super car meet which was held at the nawam mawatha car park… and i thought wow thats just brilliant. The selection of car that were present that day was insane! Since then i remember hearing a few friends of mine  mentioning “back in that day… there was this super car meet where the best of Sri Lanka’s performance cars met”.

From then on the question that i kept asking my self was why hasnt it been happening… I never got the answer to that question until we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of pistontorque last year. Thats when i saw the true potential of our community! Everyone enjoyed last year and that was what made me come up with this meet up, which will from now on been an annual meet up!

Our 2nd Year meet up took place on the 3rd of February @3pm and below is what went down.
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